Through Sally Gap to Glendalough

A drive through the Wicklow Mountains National Park is not to be missed. The roads are barely wide enough for two cars passing with care, sheep are plentiful and do not really see the need to move off the road, and I wouldn’t argue the toss with them, they have every right to be there and it is lovely to see them. There are few pull in areas along the roads and parking can be difficult, but to take a slow meandering drive over the Sally Gap and into Glendalough is a must, especially when the sun shines brightly. As far as the eye can see wild heather adorns the mountains.

A lake viewed along the Sally Gap

Glendalough as well as being very beautiful, is also one of the most important monastic sites in Ireland. It is an early Christian settlement, founded by St. Kevin in the 6th century. The settlement then developed into what was called the “Monastic City”  The lower and upper lakes at Glendalough are spectacular, add in the forest walks to ensure Glendalough is one of the top attractions on Ireland’s Ancient East, and well worth visiting. This beautiful area is ideal as a base for hikes and is suitable for all levels, ranging from a short stroll around the ruins to demanding mountain walks through the valley and around the lakes.

Ireland is well known for the many Pilgrim Paths around the country, one of them being St. Kevin’s Way. From Hollywood in West Wicklow to Glendalough, this path is approximately 30km long, a walker would need a good level of fitness to complete this walk.

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