Huntington Castle

Huntington Castle is was built in 1625 on the site of a former 14th century stronghold and abbey. It was once home to the Esmonde family and today the descendants still live there. It is set in the beautiful countryside at the foot of the Blackstairs Mountains, in County Carlow.

Yew Walk

My favourite part of the garden was the Yew Walk, these are thought to be over 500 years old. After a while a welcome coffee in the courtyard just hit the spot. What was enchanting about the courtyard were the hens and pheasants that wandered around my feet, hoping to feed on crumbs, which they did not get I hasten to add.

On the day of my visit I did not take the guided tour, I had been to Altamont Gardens first and was feeling tired for a tour of the castle as well as the grounds. The gardens were more formal than Altamont but very beautiful. A short walk away from the castle led to a pathway carved into the woodland, in parts barely wide enough for feet. It was all too easy to forget there was a world revolving outside, peace and tranquility reigned supreme here.

 Huntington Castle, Huntington, Clonegall, Co. Carlow, Y21 K237

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