Small Beginnings..

I have found many images dating back to 2012-2014, in those days I had no idea of how to compose an image much less play around with aperture or shutter speed. I am not saying however that in 2020 I know better, but I am getting to grips with composition. It is nice to look back and cast my own critical eye over earlier images and see how far I have come. It is still very much a learning process but I have picked up a few bits of knowledge in the meantime, even though my poor camera has been lying idle for quite some time.

The church tower may be as early as 13th or 14th century.  The present ruins of the church seem to be 15th century, judging from the remaining stones from a fine mullioned east window. It is reputed that the church and the manor of Ardmulchan were retained by Hugh deLacey himself, Lord of Meath 1172-86, the fifth Baron Lacy, coincidentally, an ancestor of my wonderful daughter in law, Ruth.

Bective Abbey was founded in 1147 for the Cistercian Order by Murchad O’Maeil- Sheachlainn, King of Meath.  I am very lucky to live about 30 minutes from this wonder site and the town I live in carries the same name, now spelled Seachlainn. There are a maze of passageways everywhere that run into dead ends, this is where you must use your imagination and travel back in time.

Trim Castle is the largest Anglo-Norman fortification in Ireland. Hugh de Lacy and his successors took 30 years to build it. The castle is often called King John’s Castle although when he visited the town he preferred to stay in his tent on the other side of the river. Richard II visited Trim in 1399 and left Prince Hal later Henry V as a prisoner in the castle. Again, this is only about 30 minutes from my home and when my children were very young it was one of the ‘go to’ places to escape from home, I have many happy memories of my sons climbing in places that are now prohibited. Some of the information above is taken from the website of Heritage Ireland.

Trim Castle, County Meath

A few more random images of my county and surrounds.

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