Lockdown Pause

Since my last outing near the end of September, Ireland went to level 3 on the restriction scale. This meant I could not leave my own County but I satisfied myself that there would still be plenty of opportunity to go out with my camera, unfortunately the weather dictated otherwise. Weeks of heavy rain prevented me from doing so and then came a double whammy, the country went to level 5. Honestly, 5km from my home leads to no place of interest but I had still intended going to the ‘outer limits’ to capture the beautiful Autumn leaves, yet again the weather changed my mind rapidly, no medals for catching a chill.

With my camera resting up for the foreseeable I am now posting three images which I have in my archives. The first was shot in Trim, near St. John’s Castle. The house is reputed to be called Talbot Castle, originally part of St. Mary’s Abbey. In 1415 part of the abbey was converted into a manor house by Sir John Talbot, then viceroy of Ireland. It took me quite a while to capture the sunset on a very cold evening.

Talbot Castle, Trim, Co. Meath

Next up is Skryne (pronunced screen) Church ruin, or as the locals call it, Skryne Tower. The original church was built in the 13th Century, he tower was added in the 15th. It sits proudly on top of Skryne Hill and it is associated with St. Colmcille. It is not easy to enter the area as you must use a very steep access with narrow stone steps to cross the surrounding wall. If you do succeed in climbing the stile the view will not disappoint, and it is directly opposite the Hill of Tara, seat of the High Kings of Ireland.

Skryne Church Ruin, Skryne, Co. Meath

Lastly is an image I took in Carton Estate a few years back. It is called Salmon Weir although it is mostly Brown Trout that is found in the River Rye, known as the Rye Water, which flows through and is a paradise for fly-fishing. In November these magnificent fish can be seen leaping up river.

‘Carton’ comes from the old Irish name ‘Baile an Cairthe’ or Land of the Pillar Stone.
The 1,100 Estate stretches over two counties, Kildare and Meath, with a boundary wall
of over 8km, visit www.cartonhouse.com

I really do hope that in December when level 5 has been lifted I can return to the outdoors and try for some winter images, meanwhile be safe everyone!

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