The charming medieval village of Carlingford is situated on the East coast of Ireland, in the heart of the Cooley Peninsula, at the foot of Slieve Foy and overlooking the Mourne mountains. Located halfway between the cities of Belfast and Dublin, visitors will encounter a hub of heritage and folklore.

During the 9th Century the Vikings invaded Ireland and records show that they occupied Carlingford Lough. They may have used the sheltered natural harbour of Carlingford as a temporary base though this is speculation as no factual evidence, apart from the name, has been recovered so far. For more on the history of Carlingford click here

Although there was no indoor dining, hotels or bars, activity on the streets was very noticeable. Young people and children were everywhere, and the smell of fish and chips on every corner from outside catering made me long for a calorie laden meal, I did resist though. Further up the road, about 7km is the town of Omeath. A picnic lunch on the pier seemed a good idea, until the chill of an on shore breeze changed my mind. It was however a wonderful vantage point to look over at Warrenpoint on the far side which is part of Northern Ireland.

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