Hi there! I’m Tess. I live in County Meath, Ireland. Meath is known as the Royal County as it was once the territoryof the High Kings of Ireland. I am very lucky to live close to the Hill of Tara, a peaceful and spiritual site.

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, mother in law, a lot achieved. I have to thank my family for giving me the push to go down this path of showing my images by way of a blog.

My aim for this blog is to put together places I like to visit, whether from my own local area or further afield. I am renewing an acquaintance with my digital camera, which I have not used in quite a few years. The age of mobile phone photography has made it very easy to ‘point and shoot’ with good results. I have to admit though, composing a shot in long silence, whilst mumbling to myself is strangely rewarding.

Please enjoy your visit to my website, if you would like to ask any questions please use the form below.